Friday, 7 August 2009

'Flake' The Dust Mite

I recently discovered a new website called CGCoach, they are currently running a competition called 'Creatures and Critters' whereby members are invited to create there very own creature or critter as a 3D digital sculpt.

The image on the left is my initial concept drawing for the competition. Its not as finished as some of my work but then again it is just a concept sketch just created to get a feel for the character.

Also each artist had to include a backstory for there creation, below is Flake The Dust Mites brief history.

Name: Flake
Species: Dust Mite…or might not

History: Mutated dust mite, became addicted to growth hormone in a local laboratory. Currently stands at 12 inches tall and now works in the same Lab but as the night shift cleaner. Suffers from Asthma, OCD and Hypoglycaemia (gets really moody if he doesn’t eat regularly, actually he’s pretty moody all the time). He also enjoys *deep-sea pygmy tickling on the weekend…but he suspects he could be pygmy intolerant.

Hobbies: Polishing, scrubbing, scraping, wiping, waxing (on and off) and buffing in private. Also recently enrolled in part-time mumbling classes.

*Checkout the Deep Sea Pygmy Tickling post for more details...

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